my mom and dad: west texas photography

So I’m the worst daughter ever. I’ve been promising my parents I’d take some pictures of them for a year now and we JUST got around to it last week while we were on vacation at campmeeting in West Texas. (If you’re like most people and thinking camp, what?! I’m going to do my best to blog and explain our time there in the next couple of days.) Since sunrise light is my favorite these days (which is ironic considering I usually sleep till noon), we  headed out before breakfast down to the road – one of my favorite places at campmeeting. There is this little forest of dead trees and cacti, a perfect double striped highway, and the best back lighting I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Confession: I thought shooting my parents would be weird. Turns out it’s not that bad! And apparently they think I’m pretty funny because they are laughing in most of these. haha.

LOOK AT THAT BACK LIGHT! Oh man it’s beautiful. Also the first picture is the first shot I took. I screamed like a little girl. Then I looked at my parents faces and told them they were smiling like all middle aged people when they forget how a real smile works. Then they laughed. Then I got the next two. MUCH BETTER.
Like little teenagers. I love them. I have to. hahah. jk.

Man I’m starving. I’m gonna go do what I do best and scramble some eggs.
Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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