Kelsey + Kornell: Engagement // Cedar Hill, TX

Somehow I keep getting blessed to document cross-cultural relationships. I’ve been able to shoot two weddings for Venezuelan-American couples (and a really cuddly baby who was a result of one of them), and now, a Polish-American love story.

Two years ago, Kelsey planned on spending her summer break at Pine Cove working as a camp counselor. Because she’d worked there the previous summer, she assumed it would be no problem. At the end of the interview process, they told her that for some reason they just felt like God was telling them that she wasn’t supposed to be there that summer. She was disappointed but had always wanted to spend her summer overseas, so she began researching summer long mission opportunities. Her search landed her in Poland working as an intern with Josiah Venture where Kornel was also interning. They spent the summer getting to know each other and finally admitted to each other that they liked each other toward the end of the summer. And now, here they are 2 years later getting married.

I guess Pine Cove was right.

I swear, we had THE most beautiful day for this session. From killer light to some rockin’ serious faces, I am so in love with all of these photos.

I can’t get over their serious faces. SO GOOD.

I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL Christmas Eve.
I’m spending Christmas with mi familia before road tripping with Isaac to Illinois to go to a great friend’s wedding. I’ll be in and out of the blogosphere, but feel free to follow my travels on instagram.


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  1. Allison, I’m always, ALWAYS struck by how rich your photos are in color and light. Every. Single. Time. I look at them. Good, good stuff.

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