Amanda + Brian: Engagement // Brownwood, TX

Fun fact number one: Brian would always mooch Rangers tickets off me when I worked at the ballpark in the summers. Before I had his number saved (from these mooching phone calls) he called me and once he realized I didn’t know who he was, he asked, “What are you wearing?” Probably the most creepy way to start a friendship possible.

Fun fact number two: I met Amanda right after she and Brian starting dating when they were walking their dog at the park where Isaac and I were playing volleyball. After that same dog was killed by a car outside their front yard, Amanda stayed by Brian’s side as he grieved and dealt with the guilt. That’s when Brian knew he was going to marry her.

Fun fact number three: We had literally NO game plan going into this shoot. They drove me out to a friend’s land, showed me around, and said, “So what do you think??”

Fun fact number four: My favorite part of a session is the very last 15 minutes when everyone is comfortable and the light is soft. It’s where all of my favorite images come from.

Sad fact: I was already booked on their wedding date 🙁 🙁 BUT I am always so, so flattered when people still want to me to shoot engagements, and this was no exception.

Brian + Amanda: You guys are soo easy to be around. Thanks for being friends.

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