Harper Kate // Birth Story

I have a new niece named Harper Kate, and she is super super super cute. I have a million other things to be working on, but I had to push pause and show off these little cheeks.

Because I was all over the place this month, I lectured Harper when she was still in the belly and said, “Alright little girl. You can come one of two days.” And y’all…this kid is so obedient! She decided to make her appearance the night we all got back from campmeeting (which was also the day before I left to shoot a wedding in Georgetown). That’s when I knew I liked her.

Yesterday I stopped by on my way to Houston to grab a few newborn shots.
These are a little redundant, but seriously…how do you CHOOSE?!

 We’ve got another baby due this fall, so you’ll be seeing a lot more where this came from 🙂
Happy Tuesday!

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