being 23 + having adventures

If you would have told 15-year-old Allison that 23-year-old Allison is currently packing for a two week trip that includes getting paid to shoot photo/video in New York City AND Kenya, first she would be ashamed that she eventually gives into the videography world (kidding)…but then she would PEE HER PANTS with excitement. You guys, this little life of mine is becoming everything I’ve ever wanted.

It seems like every day there is some new article circulating social media focused on twenty-somethings: giving advice, sharing warnings, speaking encouragement. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what we should avoid, what we shouldn’t feel, and what we should be working toward. I’ll admit – the first few that I read were encouraging. But then as I read advice after advice after advice, I could feel my own thoughts becoming drowned out in a sea of well-intentioned blog posts. I became obsessed with avoiding the mistakes of others, while I simultaneously lost sight of what I want my priorities to be.

Making my own set of mistakes.
Getting better at what I love to do.
Seeing and living in new places.
Learning from those who are smarter than me.
Experience over earnings.
Building relationships.

There’s a song by Among Savages called “New York City” that I’ve been singing in my head (and belting in the shower) ever since I found out about this trip. The lyrics are all incredible but these are especially meaningful to me:

When you were free all along.

I’ll be in New York City from September 17-23 and Nairobi (ish), Kenya from September 23-October 2 shooting photos of a couple different artists, filming for Hekima Place, and enjoying the hell out of life. Check back to the blog, facebook or instagram for updates. I’d love for you to follow along!

Here’s to being 23 and having adventures!
Happy Monday!

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