Brittany + Clint: Engagement // Cedar Hill, TX

Something about this time of the year makes all the nostalgia flood in. So many of my major life events happened just as the air was turning crisp, and the warmth of the tones everywhere and the light in which I get to shoot just makes me feel so present. Saturday night I spent the evening over at my brother Aaron’s house to visit with his in-laws and see the new behbeh. Aaron and I were back in his office talking about film photography and looking through his old scans from when he traveled around the world, and I sat back for a second and said, “Aaron, we are doing everything we love to do.” Both of us have always been driven by the arts, and we both have managed to support ourselves with those things – me through photography and him through music. As this season of gratefulness and nostalgia continues, I am constantly being so humbled by the fact that that is rare. And we are blessed.

It’s always such a privilege for me to be able to sit behind a camera and watch two people’s love for each other. It’s especially meaningful when it’s with two people I’ve known forever. Clint and Brittany’s love is so natural and so was this day.


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