my best friend's wedding

Well, this took longer than I anticipated but here we are.

Natalie and Taylor are perfect. If you’ve been following along their engagement and proposal and Nat’s bridals, you already know how I feel about them. Just this week I was accused of having an unhealthy dependency on my best friend… which I would never, ever deny. Our friendship verges on obsession. Don’t judge.

Side note… I knew I wanted to shoot AND be maid of honor (#controlfreak), so I had my amaaaaazing friends Danielle and Josh come along for the day to assist. I wish I could explain to you how much these two KICKASS. It helps that they’ve worked with me so much, but they are seriously mind-readers. I got to participate so much more than I thought I would because I just trust them so much. I totally lost track of who shot what during the day, but I got to shoot all the details and portraits which is all this little photographer heart needed. All of the ceremony and most of the reception were those two magicians.

Everyone thinks their wedding day was perfect (as they should) but really, their day was PERFECT. The weather was amazing, which in itself is a feat for a Texas wedding in April, and everything went off without a hitch. She started the morning at the ungodly hour of 6:30 a.m. (ask me how I feel about it) to go for a short run with our other (newly engaged!!) friend Emily. I was supposed to go, but you know. Mornings. I got up to document that it happened and then I went back to sleep where I belong.


We headed over to Willow Lake Gardens to prep and chill for the day.


Fun fact for the day: Taylor had just started the fire academy the Monday before their Friday wedding and wasn’t supposed to get off until RIGHT before the ceremony. His co-fire-academy-ers ran hills to get him off at NOON! We were so excited. Look at that handsome fella.


The shot below is all Josh. Boom.willowlakegardens0054willowlakegardens0055willowlakegardens0056willowlakegardens0057willowlakegardens0058willowlakegardens0059willowlakegardens0060willowlakegardens0061willowlakegardens0062willowlakegardens0063willowlakegardens0064willowlakegardens0065willowlakegardens0066willowlakegardens0067willowlakegardens0068willowlakegardens0069willowlakegardens0070willowlakegardens0071willowlakegardens0072willowlakegardens0074willowlakegardens0075willowlakegardens0076willowlakegardens0077willowlakegardens0078willowlakegardens0079willowlakegardens0080willowlakegardens0081willowlakegardens0082willowlakegardens0083willowlakegardens0084willowlakegardens0085willowlakegardens0086

SO MUCH FUN. Natalie will be recapping the wedding on her own blog, so check there for more details soon!

The gallery is currently uploading, but friends and family can CLICK HERE to order prints and view the rest. Everything should be uploaded by Friday morning.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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