we really like boston.

Every year Natalie and I take a bff trip. This year she decided to take the initiative and surprised me with a flight to Boston and tickets to go whale watching. In case you don’t know, whales make me giddy. It’s the weirdest. I went to SeaWorld with my parents in high school and started crying when Shamu came out. (This was also when I learned that Shamu is the generic name they have for their orcas and not the one specific whale that I saw when I was 4. Hearts get broken sometimes.) I had to stop watching whale documentaries while I edit because I would get so lost in them and wouldn’t get any work done. This girl’s got it bad. So when I opened my maid-of-honor gift before Nat’s wedding and saw that we were going whale watching, I screamed bloody murder. At midnight. In an apartment complex. Alllll of that combined with the fact that this is the first trip I have ever taken in my adult life where I didn’t also have to shoot or edit meant that we were very excited for Boston.

Guys, Boston is SO CHARMING. I was expecting the bustle of NYC but with a little more history, but no – it was so quaint and laid back. We drank a lot of coffee, walked a million miles, pretended we were students at Harvard, read about a lot of dead guys, hung out at Fenway, explored the Museum of Fine Art and ATE. Between all the lobster and the pasta and the cannolis I think I gained a hundred pounds, and I’m not even sorry.

If you want to see a funnier version of our Boston recaps, check out Nat’s blogs here, here, and here.




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