First of all, it’s really weird for me to start calling Lauren by her first name! haha. We played soccer together in high school where everyone called her by her last name. One of the many reasons I love what I am doing is that I get to reconnect with old friends and be a part of this really unique journey that otherwise I may have only watched from a distance. Lauren and Nathan have been together since our senior year of high school. I’m always so impressed with couples who can stand the test of time through the awkward years + being apart during college.

Nathan played baseball in college, so we started out the session at the crappy – I mean rustic – fields in Ovilla. adorbs does Lauren look in his jersey?!

Then we headed out to Cedar Hill State Park to shoot at Penn Farms, a really sweet farm from forever ago. (Clearly, I know my history.)

I love love love everything about this session. And that last shot is soo dreamy to me.

Happy Tuesday!


The color in this one is absolutely magical. Can’t wait to do a shoot with you one day (soon?)!