This shoot was 100% refreshing for me. Because I know little to nothing about dancing or how to direct a dancer, Jake and I took a collaborative approach. He danced. I shot. We’d go for minutes at a time where we were both so wrapped up in our own art that neither of us spoke. We’d come back together, I’d show him what I was getting, and we’d bounce ideas off each other. It was such a contrast from the I’ll-tell-you-everything-I-want approach I usually have to take, and I left feeling so rejuvenated.

And the view doesn’t suck either.



[…] upon a time, I was on the G train heading from a shoot along the Brooklyn waterfront with my friend Jake, when we ran into a girl he knew. He introduced us, and two stops later, she got off the train. Or […]

[…] freeing time for me. It was right around the time I had a wonderfully freeing shoot with Jake Bone in New York, and it really gave me another chance to just sit back and take some creative liberty. Like every […]

The first black and white picture is pure gold!

Caitlin Bergren

The one where his hand is reaching back = killer! LOVE this.