my best friend is a bride.

Last weekend was one of the most exhausting and fulfilling three days of my life. I truly feel like my time being the best friend of a bride has transformed the way I approach weddings. Seeing what’s important. Knowing what she’ll care about forever.

Natalie is infectious. We’re constantly quoting something shallow and hilarious, constantly talking over each other, and constantly laughing. We’ve been best friends for almost ten years, and somehow in all that time, I’ve never found anyone else in the world who can say exactly what I need to hear at the drop of a hat. Because of Natalie, I understand loyalty and compassion. That life is hard but never serious. That real beauty is found in walking through your entire life with another person.

Oops, I’m crying.


natalie10brewedfortworth010brewedfortworth011brewedfortworth012Wedding stuff comin’ up shortly.


  1. STOP IT!!! Like, are you kidding me Allison Harp? These are stunning! Nat – you are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!!!

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