sandra + evan on a roof in dallas

It’s hard to remember sometimes that being busy is something to be grateful for in this line of work.

I have the freedom of a freelancer without the insecurity that usually comes along with it. I am able to split my time between the home where my favorite people in the world live and the home where my brain is stimulated and I feel the most refreshed. That isn’t something that is common, and it isn’t something that I should groan about when people ask me how I am.

I remember stepping foot in my first airport when I was about to travel abroad for the first time when I was 15. I remember looking around in wonder at the collision of cultures and demographics and overpriced bottles of water. I thought, “I want to do this all the time for the rest of my life.” I could not get enough. I never would have thought that I’d be able to sit in so many window seats in a single year, looking over the Rockies as I make my “commute” from Oregon to Texas, Texas to New York. Although I’m still seeking to find balance in the midst of a single month crammed with three months of work, I am writing this to remind myself: this life is good and this life won’t last. Once I settle down somewhere with little puppies or childrens, this will most likely not be my reality.

But for today, I am mostly grateful for a day off. A morning spent watching my sobrinos scream and play in the fountains and an afternoon spent catching up on emails. I’m grateful for the city and for the privilege of documenting people’s love for each other.

Sandra and Evan are getting married this Sunday, and we were able to squeeze in a quick shoot last week.
These two are real gems, I tell ya.


New York posts coming sooooooon!


  1. GIRL – I think this is so different than what you normally do! Love it. The last one is the best.

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