2014, what a year.

I think a year is kinda meant to be epic when you start it off by packing up everything you own and moving 2,030 miles away.

It was.

In so many ways, 2014 seems like a blur. A blur of airports and new faces and a few minor breakdowns. But the moments that stand out are the ones that I think I was always meant to remember. The honor I feel to have been a part of 30 couples’ wedding days. The moments of tearful silence in the face of places like Proxy Falls. The laughing-till-we-cry moments with my best friends. The ability to explore new cities and meet new people. And the gift of education.

I officially became a photographer who is based in two different places, and in so many ways, it feels as if this is how my life was always meant to be. For the first time, I feel rested when I’m in my house. Living in Bend has done wonders for my soul, and I still have access to frequent visits with my family and best friends in Texas. I have the best of all the worlds I want at this stage of my life, and I am so, so, so grateful.

2014, what a year.


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