sydney and ryan in the snow

Sometimes a change of plans turns your wedding day into the most magical of all the magicals.

Texas decided to get, like, a million inches of snow the last week of February. I flew from a sunny, 65 degree Oregon to a everything-must-shut-down-because-what-is-this-white-stuff tundra. Sydney took it all like a champ and said, “If it’s going to snow on my wedding day, we’re shooting in it.”

My kinda girl.

Snow transforms everything. Locations that I would have normally passed by became stunning wonderlands. I’ll always, always pick the bride who goes with the unexpected and shivers through the whole first look and says, “It’s fine! We’re fine!” It’s the kind of day that forces everyone to realize what’s important: that Syd + Ryan are married, and we only got stuck in the ice once.

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Huuuuugeeee thanks to my girl Jillian Zamora for second shooting and for those great prep shots of Ryan. xoxo.

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  1. i would be interested in purchasing the photos that were taken of the flower girl at Sydney and Ryan’s wedding.

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