The wildfire smoke cleared, we searched for the most breathtaking view, and Jenny and Jan got married with their families as witness.

Some days I shake my head thinking about the kind of beauty I get to witness and the kind of friends I get to make. I met these two on the day of their wedding, and I had to pry myself away at the end of the night only because we had an early morning the next day. There is nothing else like meeting someone on the happiest day of their lives and leaving at the end of the night with a sigh and a, “I’ll see you SOON.” Big, big, big hearts of gratitude today.

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Florals by the one and only, A Native Bloom.




Hi there! Is there anyway you could tell me what location at Craterlake this was? So breathtaking!

Mom Longabaugh

Thank you, Allison! Made me cry again!