I still don’t know what it was about this session. Maybe it’s seeing someone you love so insanely happy. Maybe it was the fact that Danielle has second shot for me for the past couple of years and I know she trusts me wholeheartedly. Maybe it was that crazy beautiful light and getting to shoot in my hometown. Whatever it was, this was the ideal. I was so moved by what we got to create together and getting to tell their little love story.

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What a treasure to see the love these two young people reflect without hearing a single sound. Knowing the love that Trent has always known. I am not surprised that he learned to love totally and unconditionally. Danielle, I have never met but it comes from very knowledgeable grandmother that she loves equally total and unconditionally. What a special union GOD HAS BROUGHT together. Lovely pictures and memories captured fir their children to look back on. Best of everything fir the two of you. Stay with God and all else will fall into place. JO ANN MILLER