I can’t remember ever blogging a session two days after it happened, but as it turns out—babies grow FAST. If I waited my normal amount of time before blogging these, this little nugget would be, like, quadruple her age. wowowow. How wild is this life?! I’ll tell you.

It’s wild that your photographer bestie can just be living their life and then one day, poof! She’s a mother.

It’s wild that I can swear off family sessions one day and then a month later, WHAM. I’m photographing this family and basically weeping on the inside the entire time, so moved and thrilled to be documenting this two-week-old family.

It’s wild that little Juniper Clementine was, for so long, the subject of so much speculation. Will she have James’ nose or Jillian’s eyes? Will she sleep through the night? And all along, she was designed and formed to be exactly that bundle who arrived at that time with those hands into that family.

Oops, I’m teary. (Press play and you might be too.)

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Allison, you are such a talented person! I love every single one of these images!