The Oregon coast. Seriously nothing like it.

Delaine and Justin flew out to shoot their engagements in the sun-drenched Cannon Beach, which is the B-E-S-T. My Texas couples keep flying up to the northwest to shoot with me, and it’s the greatest idea ever. I love watching people see the northwest for the first time, and I mean, the options for backdrops are literally unlimited. I’m a fan.

I was listening to this song while I was editing these and basically the most feely of all the feels.


cannonbeachengagement0002 cannonbeachengagement0003 cannonbeachengagement0004 cannonbeachengagement0005 cannonbeachengagement0006 cannonbeachengagement0007 cannonbeachengagement0008 cannonbeachengagement0009 cannonbeachengagement0010 cannonbeachengagement0011 cannonbeachengagement0012 cannonbeachengagement0013 cannonbeachengagement0014