neva + carl : sparks lake, oregon


Texans in Oregon. This seems to be a trend, and I’m not complaining one single bit.

This was one of those nights. A crystal clear evening. No one to bother us. Lava rocks and my favorite mountains to serve as the backdrop. We wandered and died laughing and tripped a lot (I mean, I tripped a lot).

There is nothing like this place I live, and as much as I love traveling everywhere, shooting here makes my heart soar.

And just look at these two. I mean, daaaaang.


NevaCarlSparks0002 NevaCarlSparks0004NevaCarlSparks0003  NevaCarlSparks0005 NevaCarlSparks0006 NevaCarlSparks0007 NevaCarlSparks0008 NevaCarlSparks0009 NevaCarlSparks0010 NevaCarlSparks0011 NevaCarlSparks0012 NevaCarlSparks0013 NevaCarlSparks0014 NevaCarlSparks0015 NevaCarlSparks0016 NevaCarlSparks0017 NevaCarlSparks0018 NevaCarlSparks0019 NevaCarlSparks0020 NevaCarlSparks0021 NevaCarlSparks0022 NevaCarlSparks0023 NevaCarlSparks0024

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