Venice is so unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The canals, the green waters, everything. Everything is magic.

Pure, otherworldly, glimmering magic.

Everyone needs something different out of a wedding day. Some people need to get married with the bells and whistles and applause and confetti. Some people need to get married in their cozy family’s backyard where all their memories begin and end. But some people need the decision to be about them. Just them and no one else. No expectation. No input. Let’s just elope already.

My biggest desire for anyone going through the wedding process is that they will be true t that gut feeling—the one that tells you what is most important to you two. For Lindsey and Stephen, it was a private ceremony Venice.

Being invited along for this ride was a dream. come. freaking. true.

If you would have told me five years ago (or four or two or one) that I’d be shooting a wedding in Venice, Italy I would have passed the heck out. To have a couple who trusts me with their wedding is always an honor. It’s never something I take lightly. But to have a couple who trusts me enough to fly in the morning of their wedding (pure insanity) and wander around the sleepy corridors of Venice with them as they promise their lives to each other in the most beautiful scuola, that is another thing entirely. I could float! I could fly! I could jump around and squeal the entire time we’re together! And that’s exactly what I did. (The jumping, not the flying.)

To have not only the coolest career/life experience (so far!) with these two, but to also be able to call them my new friends—that is something I will treasure forever. Forever ever.

Press play and wander Venice with us. Okay? Okay.

VeniceWeddingPhotographer0001 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0002 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0003 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0004 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0005 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0006 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0007 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0008 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0009 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0010 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0011 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0012 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0013 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0014 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0015 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0016 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0017 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0018 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0019 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0020 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0021 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0022  VeniceWeddingPhotographer0024 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0025 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0026 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0027 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0028 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0029 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0030 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0031 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0032 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0033 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0034 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0035 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0036 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0037 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0038 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0039 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0040 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0041 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0042 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0043 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0044 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0045 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0046 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0047 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0048 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0049 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0050 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0051 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0052 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0053 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0054 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0055 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0056 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0057 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0058 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0059 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0060 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0061 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0062 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0063 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0064 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0065 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0066 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0067 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0068 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0069 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0070 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0071 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0072 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0073 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0074 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0075 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0076 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0077 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0078 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0079 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0080 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0081 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0082 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0083 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0084 VeniceWeddingPhotographer0085

Le sigh.


I just went through these photos again and DAMN. you’re so freaking good. man. man man.

Sammie Culpepper

Absolutely stunning! Your point of view is amazing! Beautiful work!

Jillian Zamora

I can’t even pick my jaw up off the floor right now. No one could have shot these better than you. No one.

Anthony Pingaro

These pictures are absolutely stunning!

These are all so perfect in every single way! So happy you had the opportunity to photograph in such a magical place!