I’ve never once been disappointed by New York City. Not-a-once. It’s always exciting and always FRESH. I feel like I leave that city with a new take on the whole, wide world, and I hope it never gets old. I squeezed in a trip a couple weeks ago, and while it makes my travel schedule CRAZY (east-to-west coast travel is hard), it is always, always worth it.

This year is wrapping up, and I feel like I’m finally able to reflect on what a wild, wild ride it’s been. More travel than I ever could have possibly imagined in my wildest of dreams. And it’s been filled with such amazing people, my goodness. I want to spend time creating a good, reflective end-of-the-year post, but for now, I’m sharing the most effortless session in the world. We wandered around Kristen and Adam’s favorite places in the West Village, and I died a little with envy over their cobblestone streets and vine-y walls and left with a total hair-crush on Kristen. Oops.

I knew I’d use this song for their post as soon as I heard it months ago. It’s all nostalgia and basically everything I feel for clients like this and cities like that. Press play and wander with us.

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