Everything about 2015 was highs. The only real low was exhaustion, as evidenced by the fact that I’ve gotten two separate viruses since I’ve started my little winter break. My brain is so grateful for the break that early winter provides.

In the past year I traveled to four different countries and 14 different states. I rode an elephant and a gondola and too many airplanes (I hate flying). I watched two elopements and 20-something other weddings and tried to remember a shoot-ton of bridesmaids names. I’ve cried during best man toasts and sparkler exits, and I’ve sat in utter gratitude that people choose to invite me into their lives like this.

I’m using this break to explore more personal work and to create again for creativity’s sake. I’m going to go skiing and do my taxes and edit a lot and shoot things that I want to. Bring it on, 2016. I like ya already.

This song is basically the soundtrack of my life in general, so I’ll make it the soundtrack of my most exciting year yet.

This was my year.

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OSSD | (c) Allison Harp

2015endoftheyear0013 2015endoftheyear0014 2015endoftheyear0015 2015endoftheyear0016 2015endoftheyear0017 2015endoftheyear0018 2015endoftheyear0019 2015endoftheyear0020 2015endoftheyear0021 2015endoftheyear0022 2015endoftheyear0023 2015endoftheyear0024 2015endoftheyear0025 2015endoftheyear0026 2015endoftheyear0027 2015endoftheyear0028 2015endoftheyear0029 2015endoftheyear0030 2015endoftheyear0031 2015endoftheyear0032 2015endoftheyear0033 2015endoftheyear0034 2015endoftheyear0035 2015endoftheyear0036 2015endoftheyear0037 2015endoftheyear0038 2015endoftheyear0039

(c) Allison Harp | Laura + Zach at Hickory Street Annex

2015endoftheyear0041 2015endoftheyear0042 2015endoftheyear0043 2015endoftheyear0044 2015endoftheyear0045 2015endoftheyear0046 2015endoftheyear0047 2015endoftheyear0048 2015endoftheyear0049 2015endoftheyear0050 2015endoftheyear0051 2015endoftheyear0052 2015endoftheyear0053 2015endoftheyear0054 2015endoftheyear0055 2015endoftheyear0056 2015endoftheyear0057 2015endoftheyear0058 2015endoftheyear0059 2015endoftheyear0060 2015endoftheyear0061 2015endoftheyear0062 2015endoftheyear0063 2015endoftheyear0064 2015endoftheyear0065 2015endoftheyear0066 2015endoftheyear0067

OSSD | (c) Allison Harp

2015endoftheyear0069 2015endoftheyear0070 2015endoftheyear0071 2015endoftheyear0072 2015endoftheyear0073 2015endoftheyear0074 2015endoftheyear0075 2015endoftheyear0076 2015endoftheyear0077

(c) Allison Harp Photography


2015endoftheyear0080 2015endoftheyear0081 2015endoftheyear0082 2015endoftheyear0083 2015endoftheyear0084 2015endoftheyear0085 2015endoftheyear0086 2015endoftheyear0087 2015endoftheyear0088 2015endoftheyear0089 2015endoftheyear0090 2015endoftheyear0091 2015endoftheyear0092 2015endoftheyear0093 2015endoftheyear0094 2015endoftheyear0095



I’m so in love with your work, Allison. It’s stunning. And I totally played your song while I looked through. James Taylor for life! Hope to connect sometime in Bend 🙂

Brilliant. Lovely. That elephant shot – on point. All the shots – on point. Congrats, friend!