On a cloudy Friday afternoon, I facetimed with my best friend and her daughter (ie: my 7-week-old bestie niece) and we whined about being apart when life was so exciting. I loaded up my gear and drove over to Dillon Falls for a family session. I was so jittery. I hadn’t shot a family in a while, and to top it off, I started day-dreaming about what it would look like for Johnny to really be proposing to me instead of shooting. That was a bad idea. I knew it was actually impossible. The family had suggested another spot, and it was me who had decided on Dillon Falls. I was being 100% crazy. Crazy crazy. And I reeeeally needed to focus on the shoot. I got out of the car and wandered out into the open field. I had never seen that meadow look more breathtaking—there was a soft cloud cover and the breeze was gentle and finally a little bit warm. I was finally getting excited to shoot when I looked up and saw Johnny walking across the field with a bouquet of flowers. I shouted, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” and he just laughed. We walked toward each other and met in the middle in an embrace where neither of us could stop laughing, and I couldn’t stop asking obnoxious questions. He blindedfolded and led me farther through the meadow where music was playing—our song. (This song.)


I totally lost it. He led me over to his little set up. A couch: because I always said I wished we could just have a conversation on the couch and tell everyone we’d decided to get married. Some pretty flowers and lights: because one of our besties works for a florist and he thinks of everything. Plus, cheese-less pizza and champagne: because I’m me.

He told me all kinds of nice things that I don’t remember (but he wrote them down, so now I do). And he got down on a knee and I ugly cried. Then I remembered I got to see the ring he picked out, and I FLIPPED. It is the coolest rose-gold-black-diamond thing I’ve ever seen, and I look at it at least a thousand times a day.


We popped champagne and ate our favorite Thai food and celebrated with dairy-free cake and toasts with our favorite people in Bend. We called our families, and then I woke up at 6 am the next day, too excited to even breathe normally.

And we’re heading back to this meadow for a small, intimate ceremony this fall where we get to really promise forever forever.


photos taken by Natalie Puls — aka roomie, bridesmaid, killer photographer, etc.


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This is really beautiful. Hope this isn’t creepy..I read Natalie’s blog and so in turn have looked at your photography and I can’t tell you how much I love it. Congrats on your engagement!