These days are filled with a constant battle between this life behind my computer and the one living out in front of my own eyeballs. There’s a tension. Pursue work, but live life. Make connections, but cherish friendships. Each side of the tension is so seasonal for me, and this season is quiet. It’s full of a soft gratitude the breeze in my hair and the man by my side. It’s the time of my year where even this extrovert craves privacy. I’ve felt so possessive of my work lately, this shoot included. It was part of our very first HEY, SISTA and so much about that time for me is something I want to just hold in my hands forever. Someday I want to share about the whole experience, but for now, here are some of my favorite images maybe ever.

Jeremy and Lauren are the little wanderers behind the blog America Y’all, and they were planted in Austin long enough to model for us. I spent most of our afternoon trying to convince them to hang out with me in Bend in July (and I MEANT IT YOU GUYS). Hair + make up by our fave MEAGAN BECHTEL and little bits of hair florals by the amazing HART FLORAL.

And little Johnny Cash for your ears.