One day last summer, I photographed the cutest little blonde watercolor artist. She had just moved to Bend and we hit it off immediately. So then, I didn’t even know it, but Miles saw those photos and decided to buy some cards from that little QT (partially because her cards are the and partially because, like I said, she is a QT). And then THEY hit it off, and here we are. Johnny and I are standing up in their perfect little backyard wedding this summer, and we are so so so happy for these dear friends of ours.

So here are Miles and Ciera, the easiest people to photograph in the history of ever.

music: July Bones — Richard Walters
hair + make up: Carachele Tyvan

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OH MY GOSH. this is the cutest ever. you are amaze and they are just the SWEETEST.

Randy Albritton

From the very proud parents of Miles, thanks for some awesome shots. You did an fabulous job of capturing their love & affection for each other. Again, thanks for sharing this special moment in their lives!!