It’s hard to explain what a day like this meant to me. Recently I’ve been thinking about how sacred it is to be invited into someone’s life like this. A wedding is such an intimate day—you see everything. The friendships that were founded in kindergarten. The little tensions that sneak out in stressful moments. The ins and outs of what love means to people. I’m invited into that.

I’ve felt more and more protective of that space lately. I don’t want people to see exterior aesthetics and make judgments based off of external things that are trivial (decor and fashion choices and la la la). I want people to feel what I felt—the love between two people that was strong enough for them to fly all their friends and families across the country to watch them marry each other.

It’s the middle of my busiest time of the year, and that means it’s even a miracle I could get this blog up this week (see you guys in the winter! ha). But sometimes images just have a hold on me, and these do. Shannon + Dom, thank you for inviting me into your world for that beautiful summer day. xoxo.

venue: Lewis & Clark College
dress: BHLDN
song: Little Worrier — Kina Grannis

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amazing. beautiful couple. beautiful wedding. beautiful photos. LOVE