Once upon a time, Lauren and I were in my little car driving from Seattle to Portland. At one point she turned to me and said, “I want to do a workshop with you.” I replied, “HAHA.” It felt crazy, and I felt…young. But Lauren’s confidence became my confidence, and once we started dreaming and scheming, I knew we were onto something. After a few diner meetups and lots of napkin doodles, HEY, SISTA was born. In so many ways it felt like the scariest thing I’ve ever done—to step into the unknown like this, hoping women would sign up, hoping our dream would resonate with others. But mostly, it’s felt like an absolute dream. Everything has fallen into place in the most beautiful, effortless ways. We’re growing and evolving and pouring our hearts and souls into each other and into our sistas. On the outside, it’s a big, beautiful house with two photographers, a florist, and a make up artist. It’s a workshop and a retreat. We teach, we shoot, we goof around. But in the best way, this has evolved into something so much deeper. It’s a place where I get to look into the reasons I do what I do, the reasons I shoot what I shoot. It’s a place where I get to evolve, as a girl boss and as an artist. It’s a place to practice what we preach and genuinely create connection between women, for the sake of women.

On our last night we sat around in the candlelight sharing all our mushy gushy thoughts. I’ll never forget the little glowy light on everyone’s faces as they earnestly thanked each other for being present and inspiring and genuine. And I’ll never forget the feeling I have when Lauren and I look at each other and say, “It’s happeninggggg.”

Take a lil looksie into our world of sistahood, and read the lil bits about our amazing sponsors. And keep an eye out because we’re already cookin’ up our next workshop—where will this sistahood take us next?!


HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to these sponsor babes.
Oddbird Co. Elisa Anne Calligraphy. Ciera Rose Art.
Backporch Coffee Roasters.

Meagan & Madison, there is no sistahood without you beauts.

And major major thanks for ALL your help goes to our spicy boys, Johnny & Mark.

Like this house or what?! Manzanita Vacation Rentals, forever.


WOW! Beyond, beyond, beyond. This looks like the most amazing time. What an absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful eye you have Allison. I can’t even handle it. Thank you for sharing these <3

Laura Pittman

Allison, I want to do one of these with you! We’re going to be in the states in the fall and winter . . . let me know if you have something planned and I’ll plan around it!

Thank you for an amazing time! It was more than I ever expected. Deep and fulfilling, soul nourishing and fun fun fun. I want to come back!