Jake and Devin, my original muses. The people who have taught me how to be an observer—how to move with my subjects instead of dictating every moment. They’re the people whose art makes me tear up almost immediately and make me whisper to Johnny, “This is why I do what I do.” This is the one thing I shoot entirely for the sake of shooting and the one thing I wanna shoot until I’m old and grey: movement and art and new york city.

NewYorkCityDancer0002 NewYorkCityDancer0003 NewYorkCityDancer0004 NewYorkCityDancer0005 NewYorkCityDancer0006 NewYorkCityDancer0007 NewYorkCityDancer0008 NewYorkCityDancer0009 NewYorkCityDancer0010 NewYorkCityDancer0011 NewYorkCityDancer0012 NewYorkCityDancer0013 NewYorkCityDancer0014 NewYorkCityDancer0015 NewYorkCityDancer0016 NewYorkCityDancer0017 NewYorkCityDancer0018 NewYorkCityDancer0019 NewYorkCityDancer0020 NewYorkCityDancer0021 NewYorkCityDancer0022 NewYorkCityDancer0023 NewYorkCityDancer0024 NewYorkCityDancer0025 NewYorkCityDancer0026 NewYorkCityDancer0027 NewYorkCityDancer0028 NewYorkCityDancer0029 NewYorkCityDancer0030 NewYorkCityDancer0031 NewYorkCityDancer0032 NewYorkCityDancer0033 NewYorkCityDancer0034 NewYorkCityDancer0035 NewYorkCityDancer0036 NewYorkCityDancer0037 NewYorkCityDancer0038 NewYorkCityDancer0039 NewYorkCityDancer0040 NewYorkCityDancer0041 NewYorkCityDancer0042 NewYorkCityDancer0043 NewYorkCityDancer0044 NewYorkCityDancer0045