Better late than never, right? RIGHT.

I believe in reflection, even when it’s not the moment you planned. This is the time of year things where slow down and I take time off to just be home—to get outside and see my friends and attend church and go to the gym and work on side projects. It’s also the time that my thoughts can run wild and I get nervous about the future and stressed about things I can’t control. So, reflection.

2016 was my favorite year, hands down. I got to do work I’m proud of and teamed up with Lauren to launch our dream. I connected with the most amazing couples and got to travel and shoot in so many new places. And my favorite part: I got engaged and married my J. Most years have major ups and downs, but this year was seriously tops.

And now. Now, I’m dreaming again. Johnny is full time in this thang with me. We’ve got some very very exciting travel in the next few months (come with us, for real), and right now we’re just trying to live our little lives in a 450 sq. feet apartment in Bend, Oregon. We are learning so much about ourselves and each other, and we’re taking time out to think hard about how we should be responding to the craziness in the world around us. Life is just so full and it really is so sweet.

aaaaaand BONUS! We’re launching a super-top-secret-surprise next week. I’m kidding, it’s not a secret—but you gotta scroll allllll the way through this post to find it because I WORKED HARD ON THIS. Is 200 photos too many photos? YES. But I hope it makes you as feely as it makes me to see so much life and joy in one place. HAVE FUN!

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Seriously—to all of you in these photos, thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me into your lives. I love you forever and ever and ever. And if you made it here because you just like lookin’, THANK YOU. Thank you for caring about this work I am so so so lucky to do.

And for those of you who just scrolled out of curiosity about our big non-secret project, I will still tell you because I’m super nice.


Next week, get ready for a TON of photos from our wedding + honeymoon because I am 100% planning on oversharing. Keep those eyes peeled, y’all.

PS—last thing, I swear. If any of these images make you think, “WHOA SHOW ME MORE!” feel free to share with the class because I wanna get some full shoots & weddings up in this joint and I have no idea where to start right now. BYE!


ahhh so much inspiration. all the feely’s. ya did good, girl.

Hillary Robinson

YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! I am so happy for you and love keeping up with your amazing work! xoxo


But def the black dress in Chicago…oh yeah and everything else too

All of it more of everything plz