Color, color everywhere. The sweetest families you ever did see. Aimee & Cayce wearing what they want, doing what they want.

I keep going back through last fall’s weddings and remembering how sweet that time was. Shooting weddings as a newlywed has given me the biggest dose of gratitude. And to be able to walk alongside couples like this—the ones whose lives I want to keep up with & cheer on forever—that’s the sweetest part of it all.

They got married at the McKinney Flour Mill the weekend before Halloween, and this is how I see that day. These little moments in between. Happiness & color, everywhere you look.

Thank you thank you thank you, Lauren Nicole Photo for being my second shooter and being the sweetest person ever. You’ll notice a couple of these candids are yours because they felt so right—you’re bomb, girlfran.

And Aimee & Cayce, I think you know by now, but I’ll say it again—you’re some of my faves and I’d shoot this wedding over and over and over. Thank you thank you for giving me the time to create work that I feel so proud of. loveyouandireallyreallymeanit.


Kristen Howarth

So beautiful!!!

Aimee Howarth-Horner

omg, the. best. love them all!!!!!! so thankful to have these to remember that day forever. we miss you!!!