Their wedding kept evolving—from a big one to a small one to a teeny one. Just their parents, an officiant, and some musicians. When the weather turned on them, their ceremony spot moved from the forest to a friends’ home in Snoqualmie. I’ve never seen a more beautiful backup plan in my life. And then, when Curtis was dressed but Larissa wasn’t, we could hear him downstairs shouting, “COME MARRY ME ALREADY!”

It was just about that—sealing this thing. So simple, so sincere.

Afterward, we headed to the coffee shop where they had their first date (where they talked for six hours that first day) and explored the forest and waterfronts around Kirkland. It was unconventional & absolutely perfect.

Curtis & Larissa—thank you sooo much for having me. It feels like the biggest honor in the entire world to have been able to witness this journey of you two. xoxox


imma get married to Mark again and you can shoot it.

Danielle Killingsworth