I’m falling into a really nice groove lately. Enjoying more of my work and sharing less. Investing in the things I want to invest in. Spending more time with my people and in this place I live. We bought a house this summer and celebrated our one year anniversary, and holy moly, it’s been such a dream to carve out a life together and practice contentment for a season (and hopefully a lifetime).

That being said, it’s time to share some of this stuff I’ve got up my sleeve. I feel like I’m connecting more and more with the why behind this job. I’ve been really working to dig down deep to find the things that are going give this job the longevity I know I want. And since day one, that has always always been the people. Cracking jokes for an hour and cheers-ing red wine on top of a canyon and learning about each other’s lives—it’s what refreshes me and sustains me when I have to fly somewhere every four days for a month straight. Because I always enjoy it. No big changes to announce. Nothing earth shattering happening these days. But here’s a little hello to say I am still here and I am still loving it.

ALSO, Tim & Caitlin are insanely talented photographers in Bend and wanted to hire little old me to shoot their anniversary photos for them. That is still blowing my mind, but HERE WE ARE and aren’t they cute??

those little flower goodies you saw?? that’s from the lovely Summer Robbins. hair + makeup by Edge.