Oh, this year. 2017.


The year that challenged me and overwhelmed me and taught me so much about who I am and who I want to be—as an artist and as a wife (!) and as a regular human being.

It’s where I learned what burnout means, only a little too late to be able to prevent it. And I started the year happy-then-unhappy-then-happy-again with my work. (Still currently happy, yay!) It’s the year I let happen to me–instead of actively participating, I got swept up in the momentum of life. And it was goooood.

Once upon a time, I started this gig because it just started. I was shooting and people were booking and before I knew it, I was Allison-the-photographer. But after this year, I realized how much reflection and introspection (and turns out, sloooowness) matter to me. A lot. a lot a lot. And I found myself in love with every single thing I was shooting and connecting with every single person, and I want to be able to take the time to revel in that.

So although I did not have time to put this post together, I want to prioritize this. Remembering.
Looking back so I can look ahead.


And look at these beautiful faces who inspire me. Just look at ’em.




Love it all. Amazing.


You are so incredibly inspiring and talented. You’ve touch more hearts than you’ll ever know.. I’m so honored to have been apart of your year as you’ve experienced, grown and won hearts. You’re truly amazing Allison! Thank you so much!