Ohhh the magic of this place. The mountains meeting the ocean. The bluest water I’ve ever seen. Misty rain on one side of a cliff and clear skies on the other. Angry tides rolling in as we tried to navigate the rock formations — an actual, factual dreamland. Our original plan turned into a Plan B and then that plan turned into Plan C and then THAT turned into just looking for one area of the highway where it wasn’t downpouring. We drove the coast until it stopped raining, and where we landed was basically jurassic park next to rock coves next to purple sands, and I spent the entire afternoon absolutely losing my mind.




Watching the storytelling through these photos gave me butterflies. I can’t wait to have you as our wedding photographer! You are so talented and captured these images beautifully.

Thanks for sharing the love.

These are amazing! You are so talented.