Whew. I’m here taking a deep breath, trying to soak in what’s left of this year. In some ways it feels like I’ve been editing for a hundred years, but in other ways it feels like I’ll never get to do this long enough. What a feeling. I’ve never had it. Always looking ahead or behind and never soaking up the moment at hand. Is this growth? I hope so.

Mandy & Nate’s wedding marked the halfway point of this year for me — the middle of July in the city where they met. After years and years together and a move to New York and lots and lots of music, they came back with all their friends and family to get married. I’m highly confident the way I feel about them will speak for itself in these images, so stop listening to me and scroll this goodness. xoxo.

photography: Allison Harp
planning: Pacific Engagements
dress: Sarah Seven
desserts: Saltadena
florals: Juniper Flowers


What wonderful memories of a most beautiful day with my children. Feeling forever blessed to have such an amazing son and to have the most generous, loving, kind daughter in law anyone could ask for. Thank you Ashley for these memories ❤

God damn, Allison. Excuse my French, but you did SUCH an amazing job capturing Mandy and Nate’s day!!! Looking forward to the day we can make magic together again!