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HALEIGH + CODY : big sur, california

HALEIGH + CODY : big sur, california


brittany + galen : new york city

The quiet of the Hudson River on this particular morning in May was something else. I sat in the backseat of a taxi at 5 a.m. ...


josie + chris : austin, texas

I don't have much to say today---just that I've loved revisiting some of my work from earlier this year, that I loved working ...


dustin + emery : santa fe, new mexico

Once upon a time on the outskirts of Santa Fe, there were two Texans who drove ten hours to shoot with me while I was in town ...


chris + kat : new york city

I always think back to my very first day in NYC and remember how big it felt. I remember walking thirty blocks by myself along...


miles + ciera : bend, oregon

One day last summer, I photographed the cutest little blonde watercolor artist. She had just moved to Bend and we hit it off i...