I really, really believe in
having your life documented.

Photography has been my outlet for as long as I can remember. I specialize in moments…the interactions of two people in love, the way an artist connects with their art—anything where I can feel a genuine connection to what I’m shooting. I started shooting weddings when a friend of mine came up to me and said, “You’re shooting my wedding,” and I said, “OKAY THEN.” I owe her everything.

I honest-to-goodness LOVE my job. I love the couples I get to work with, and I love how hard dads can cry. I love the bustle and the busyness, and I love being given the opportunity to create for a living. I went full time after I graduated college, and I’ve never looked back. I photograph now because I need to. No other options for me.

I’m a Texan living in Bend, Oregon. I shoot everywhere.

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>>> bio photo by the ever-so-trusty Natalie Puls


I started drinking coffee because
I really like holding giant mugs.

I wear tons of black because
it makes me feel fancypants.

Mornings are my nemesis,
but I loooveeee sunrise shoots.

Sometimes I leave the house just
so I have an excuse to wear red lips.

Hablo español.
(Un poquito.)

I've been to 14 different countries,
but I'm still super afraid of flying.

I've never sneezed more than
twice in a row.

I legitimately don't understand why any
English-speaking human wouldn't say y'all.

I'm the youngest of four siblings,
and I'm obsessed with all my nieces & nephew.

When I'm traveling, I'm all about spontaneity,
but I crave routine as soon as I'm home.

Without fail, I cry at EVERY wedding I shoot.


caitlin + tim : bend, oregon

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