I'm really glad you're here.

Photography has been my outlet for as long as I can remember. I specialize in moments. The genuine connections between people. The way you look at your love when you think no one is watching. The way an artist connects with their art.

I started shooting weddings when a friend of mine came up to me and said, “You’re shooting my wedding,” and I said, “Well, okay then.” And now I owe her everything. I am obsessed with the couples I get to work with, and I love how hard dads can cry (even when they’re trying soo hard not to). I thrive on the bustle and the busyness, and I feel soo fulfilled by creating for a living. I went full time five years ago, and I’ve never looked back. I photograph now because I need to. No other options for me.

I’m a Texan living in Bend, Oregon. I shoot everywhere.

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// bio photo by the ever-so-trusty Natalie Puls


in September 2016, I married a boy
named Johnny. I like him.

I wear tons of black because
it makes me feel fancypants.

Hablo español.
(Un poquito.)

I've been to 15 different countries,
but I'm still super afraid of flying.

We just adopted a scraggly
lil dog and named her Rizzo.

Mornings are my nemesis,
but I loooveeee sunrise shoots.

Sometimes I leave the house just
so I have an excuse to wear red lips.

I legitimately don't understand why any
English-speaking human wouldn't say y'all.

I'm the youngest of four siblings,
and my husband is the oldest of seven.

I'm all about spontaneity on the road,
but I crave routine as soon as I'm home.

Without fail, I cry at
EVERY wedding I shoot.


the zambreski family : fort worth, texas

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