HALEIGH + CODY : big sur, california

HALEIGH + CODY : big sur, california


MADDY + TATUM : smith rock state park

The world up here is warming up and everyone's coming out of hibernation. It's my favorite time of year -- I get antsy with an...


BRITANI + DAVE : sparks lake elopement

A planned vacation to a dream destination with her wedding dress secretly packed in her carry on. Calling their parents the da...


BETHANY + ERIC : brake and clutch wedding photographer

Bethany and Eric, a year and a half gone by and it's still one of those days I look back on with a giant, embarrassing grin on...


JOSH + K-RAY : joshua tree national park

Currently sitting in on one week in a terrible weather inversion with three feet of snow so HELLOOOO SUNSHINE. Two of my friee...

joshua tree : hey sista no.5

What a dream what a dream.I can’t imagine living life without something this meaningful inside it. There are these fleetin...