Badabing, badaboom. Here it is — this brain child website of mine took a little longer than I planned, but it’s such a refreshing feeling to have a new + exciting place for my work to land. AND it’s a refreshing feeling to finally get so much of this work from last year into the world. I’ve been a hoarder of my work for the last year and a half and it’s so freeing to let it fly freeeee.

So here we are. Welcome.

It’s a strange time to be reflecting on 2019 — for one, it’s April 2020 (I’m a little behind, ok). But also, we’ve been hunkering down for three weeks now, just Johnny and me and Rizzo trying really hard to not give into the fear of the world around us. 2019 was such a doozy in our little corner of the world in so many ways, but it also became a time where I pretty much just retreated away and got serious about the things I actually care about. And a lot of those things are what we’re really, really missing right now.

The small routines in our daily life.
Being able to see our people constantly.
My couples + this work that I love to create with my whole heart.

Inhale + exhale, one breath at a time.

Wander with me through these moments from 2019 that I loved so much.


I SEE MY FACE. neato! These are so good, Allison! love love love. Your new website looks amazing.